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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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Often referred to as "vanilla" for instances of modding, and commonly abbreviated as "BDSP", Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are the original base games that all BDSP modding is built upon, and are remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Asset Dumping

  • Open Ryujinx, provided you have completed the initial setup.

[ensure the latest Vanilla update is enabled by right-clicking Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, then hitting Manage Title Updates, locating your dump of Version 1.3.0.]

  • Right-click the game, hit Extract Data --> RomFS.
  • Locate a folder for the game to dump it's assets to, then click Save.



Differences from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Despite being remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, BDSP feature fewer differences to the original releases than any other remake in the series.

Changes introduced in Pokémon Platinum

Changes introduced in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

  • Apricorn Poké Balls are in the game, though only through a limited-time event

Changes introduced in Generation 5

Changes introduced in Generation 6

Changes introduced in Generation 7

  • The Exp. Share is now global and cannot be disabled
  • Type effectiveness is shown in the move selection screen.
  • The player can press the Y button to bring up a Bag sub-menu for Poké Balls in wild battles.

Changes introduced in Generation 8

  • The player now has access to four skin tones for each gender.
  • The PC can be accessed from the menu in most areas after (being given by Bebe)
  • Players can enable autosave
  • Pokémon Nursery replaces the Day Care

Changes introduced in BDSP

Differences from Pokémon Platinum

Version History

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