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This is a list of music, sound and SFX IDs, as well as their corresponding .wem filename, which can be found in the Audio directory of the filesystem:


These BGM IDs are used in the following places:

BGM ID Filename Use
C01_Day 193235646 Jubilife City (Day)
C01_Night 1061429089 Jubilife City (Night)
UG 814832813 The Grand Underground


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Company/Manufacturer Product Used For Notes Examples
8dio Requiem Pro Choirs (Ahs) Not to be confused with the SoundIron Requiem Choir Decisive Battle! (Pokémon League)
Audio Modelling SWAM Clarinets Clarinet - Amity Square
Audio Modelling SWAM Double Reeds Oboe - Amity Square
Route 203
Solaceon Town
Audio Modelling SWAM Flutes Flute - Amity Square
Hearthome City (Day)
Audio Modelling SWAM Horns & Tubas French Horns - Sunyshore City
Audio Modelling SWAM Saxophones Saxophone (Alto) Even though SWAM is known for having many options via automation, most cases in BDSP are just using the original MIDI values Team Galactic HQ
Eterna City
Jublife City (Night)
Route 203
Audio Modelling SWAM Trumpets Solo Trumpet See SWAM Saxophones, it's also used for normal and muted trumpet Elite Four Encounter
Trainers' Eyes Meet (Ace Trainer)
Team Galactic HQ
Veilstone City
Cinesamples CineHarps Harp Used all over the soundtrack as the harp Too many to list
Cinesamples CinePerc Various Percussion Elements Used for various percussion samples, including snare drums, suspended cymbals, glockenspiel, triangles sleigh bells and more. Too many to list
Cinesamples CineWinds Pro Tenor Recorder - Hearthome City (Day)
Modartt PianoTeq 6 Steinway Grand Piano This is used as the game's main piano sample. In most cases, it simply replaces the piano tracks note for note with no changes. Too many to list

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